Philly Fashion Week: Luxe Streetwear

Philly Fashion Weeks Luxe Streetwear collection was held on Thursday, February 20th. This was the first runway collection and the other events before built up the excitement. By then we were front and center ready to capture every moment.

Before the show began we had a chance to walk through the designers shop where you get an opportunity to purchase runway looks and/or meet the designers, or their stand-in. One designers collection sparked our attention(Changed By LuLu) as the designs hanged neatly embodying the spirit of change, growth and colorful tie dye patterns. Founder/Designer Kilaum named the brand after his daughter LuLu and Lamarr(with two R’s- pictured below) was also there faithfully presenting the line. Tie dye melts our hearts so of course we went home with a bright, colorful hoodie similar to the one picture below. Changed By Lulu did not show that night, but hearing their story and passion their goal is to one day have a collection coming down the runway during Philly Fashion Week. We will be looking forward to that day.

Image result for changedbylulu

Left: Lamarr

Image result for changedbylulu

Designer Line up for Luxe Streetwear:



Tirsa Marie Vazquez for VXXXV DSC_1635



Ramza Official

Roy Urban Kollection

Random Affects


Ameyn Apparel


Majeeda MonaeDSC_2023DSC_1965DSC_1968DSC_1970DSC_1994DSC_2019

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