Philly Fashion Week: Vault Fashion

Vault Fashion took place on Wednesday, February 19th, 2020. The location was the Crane Arts Building located on American Street. While waiting to go inside you could already hear the DJ playing his mix music and the lights were flickering in blue, pink and then to Ice blue. It became crowded quickly, chatter filled the room as if competing with the music.

Models posed on platforms wearing a look or two from designers present . These looks were a preview of what was still to come in the days ahead. One designer we were looking forward in meeting was Nasheli Juliana Ortiz- Gonzalez who is one of the 18 designers picked to star in Netflix “Next In Fashion” reality show. She is currently Fashion Chair at Moore College of Art and Design.

Image result for Nasheli juliana
Photo: via Google


Designer: @rm67_







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