Philly Fashion Week: Runway 1


Runway 1 during Philly Fashion Week kicked off on Friday, September 27th and this showcase had 14 designers. This was the line up:

Suede Square, Godwin Green Couture, Reginald Lee, Lola J, JPratt, Clavon’s Wear,Shurti, Jenny Lee Mass, Humberto Penaloza, Mind of Cool Rumors, Nicole’s Fury, Moses King, Dell Scott Collection and Brittany Deshields.

The runway was no short of glitz and shine, as models walked down in gowns adorn with shimmery fabrics or iridescent sword sequin. To top off the shine the models also had glittery tassels on their hair. Every movement displayed endless magical sparkles. The trends we spotted during Runway 1 were bold, colorful floral prints on menswear. We also noticed the use of harness fanny packs, also called belt bags, in unconventional ways, yet sophisticated. The men carried brief cases, and “man purses” with heads held up and confident.

Designer: Suede Square

This collection was one that delivered the sparkles and beautiful use of fabric and distinctive details, such as a giant floral headpiece.





Designer: Godwin Green Couture

Designer: Reginald LeeDSC_9913DSC_9916DSC_9918DSC_9922DSC_9938DSC_9941DSC_9943DSC_9952

Designer: Lola J Designs



Designer: JPrattDSC_9997DSC_9998DSC_0001


Designer: Clavon’s Wear


Designer: Shrutis Designs


Designer: Jenny Lee MaasDSC_0149DSC_0150DSC_0151DSC_0156DSC_0158DSC_0164DSC_0165


Designer: Humberto PenalozaDSC_0212DSC_0222DSC_0224DSC_0244DSC_0262

Designer:Mind of Cool RumorDSC_0264DSC_0279DSC_0282

Designer: Nicole’s FuryDSC_0342DSC_0346DSC_0345DSC_0358DSC_0367DSC_0369DSC_0372DSC_0375DSC_0377DSC_0379

Designer: Rex ReignsDSC_0388DSC_0390DSC_0397DSC_0402DSC_0409DSC_0424DSC_0428DSC_0452DSC_0457

Designer: Dell Scott CollectionDSC_0510DSC_0481DSC_0485

Designer: Brittany DeshieldsDSC_0553DSC_0554DSC_0561


oxox Until next season oxox


The Crayonbox Team

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