Fashion Inspired by Art!

There is no denying that current events have a way to shape the world as we know it.There is also no denying that art is a reflection of the world we live in. For many years great painters have left behind their master pieces for us to enjoy, be inspired by, study and wonder. These masterpieces are a window into a world that existed before us. It also gives us a glimpse of how it was for women,fashion, the love for nature and struggles. I can also bet my hands on the fact that you can’t be a designer, song writer or artist and not be inspired by what was left behind. I will call this “The Cycle of Creativeness.”
The cycle begins when an artist who’s work is exhibited in a gallery or museum is seen by a young designer. His/Hers latest collection is a reflection of the emotion gathered by viewing the artwork. The designer has a runway show and in the front row is a musician who is then inspired by his/her designs and writes a song. Someone turns on the radio and hears the song. That person is then inspired to create. I think you get the point. Art plays an important part in our culture. Art is everywhere and everyone is affected by it, whether you believe it or not. Without art there’d be no designers, because you have to draw the design first. Below are a few designers who were inspired by art and how they in return will inspire others.
Alexander McQueen Last Collection
Inspired by Sandro Bottecelli and Hieronymus

His inspiration came from angels and demons painted in the Baroque era.
Days before his death he tweeted “Hells Angel, Prolific Demons”
A true genius is forever gone, but his legacy will continue to inspire.

Tracy Reese Spring 2010
was inspired by French Painter Pierre Bonnard

Nicole Farhi Spring 2010
was inspired by German Impressionist painter Emil Nolde

Carolina Herreras Bridal Couture Spring 2010 was inspired by Spanish Painter Francisco Goya

**This post was originally posted on our previous platform(paintheadsworld) that is no longer active. This post has been edited and will continue to be a current theme moving forwards.

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