Candytopia has arrived in Philly

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Today marks a week of Candytopia making it’s presence in Philadelphia. Philly has never been so sweet. Crayonbox had the honor of attending a sneak peek VIP reception on 9/19 before it opened to the public on 9/20. As soon as you walk into Candytopia you become 6 years old again. We saw adults with lollipops in their mouths as they played on the sew-saw. Everyone was so happy and amused at the sight of giant lollipops, unicorns and art portraits made out of candy and lets not forget, the free candy samples.

“Candytopia is an outrageously interactive candy wonderland that transports guests to an imaginative confectionery world with a one-of-a-kind full sensory experience—you can expect larger-than-life installations inspired by pure, sugary bliss throughout Candytopia’s dozen unique rooms, along with candy samples and lots of fun surprises.”

We really enjoyed how every room had it’s own unique touch and how the music was also well thought of. We especially adored the confetti room; it was definitely one of our favorites. When you go pass the hanging beads you hear a voice shout, “Welcome to confetti world”  as candy factory like staff throw multicolored confetti all over you. What a world indeed. We did not want to leave that room, but before departing the event we did get to pass through it again.

As you reach the gift-shop you see an exit door colorfully painted with words saying “Sadly, back to reality” . Yes! Sadly, especially for those who are kids at heart and never want to grow up.  We were sad to go, but the sweet news is, Candytopia will be in Philadelphia for 6 months (Last day January 5th, 2020); tickets are $28 for adults and $20 for children ages 4-12 yrs. old. You can purchase your tickets here and pick your time slot. Hurry! Slots are selling out fast.

We want to thank Candytopia for the invitation and for representing our lovely Philly well with candy structures of the LOVE sign, Rocky( YO!) and our very own Will Smith in his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air role. SWEET!






The Crayonbox Team

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