NYFW: Survival Kit

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It’s September already and this is the time of  year when we start to dust off all the sweaters and booties that have been hibernating all summer long. When you start to see pumpkins and witches you know it’s officially fall. But there is a magical time in September when garments dazzle the catwalk and all the PR offices go into survival mode. If you have not guessed already I am referring to New York Fashion Week.

The fashion frenzy has begun, where people get all decked out in hopes to be featured in a “street style” article. Where starbucks becomes your best friend and maybe just maybe your shoulder gently rubs against a celebrity.

Now, we ain’t sayin’ Crayonbox   is a pioneer, but you ain’t messin’ with no rook-rookie. Go’head reader go’head get down….yup! got carried a way, but you get my point. Here is a list of what you may want to consider to survive NYFW. These items do come in handy as you are running from show to show. Besides who has times to find a pharmacy when you have fashion shows to see.


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  • Gum (you might not need it, but someone else can sure use it.)
  • Face wipes to refresh yourself.
  • Mini hand sanitizer ( 0.5oz flip-top will do)
  • Mini sewing kit( you just never know what can rip as you run or sit…ouch!)
  • Chocolate (we know that 3pm hangry feeling. Chocolate makes it all better.)
  • Contact solution to refresh your eyes( if you wear contacts)
  • Bring your glasses. You might just lose a contact…ugh!
  • Lipgloss/Lipstick
  • Cash (finding an ATM can take forever, plus a NY block can feel like 20 miles)
  • Pen/paper( to write down details, names or numbers.)
  • Business cards
  • Print out of your invites( in case your app decides not to load during check in..eek!)

There you have it. Some basic NYFW survival items. But of course you can take whatever you like. Do check back as we will be covering some shows during NYFW.

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The Crayonbox Team

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