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This past week and weekend (March 5th- March 9th) the Fashion gods blessed the city of Philadelphia with spring like weather just in time for Philly Fashion Week. Because seriously, who wants to wear stilettos in the snow? We sure don’t. Founder’s Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott delivered another season of an unforgettable line up of local and international designers. Friday night opened up with Runway 1 and Saturday we started off by seeing Lov’n My Curves.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all down the runaway, here comes a collection during Lov’n My Curves, a premiere plus size fashion partner for Philly fashion week,  by designer Diva Bigg . The models walked down with mask on their faces to emphasize on their bodies and to debunk any stereotype of the phrase “You have a pretty face for a big girl”. The models walked empowered, confident in their skin sending a positive message on how to love yourself and your body in a world where a size 4 is considered “fat”.


Designer: Diva Bigg

Another designer who has joined the Lov’n your curves movement is @mtdnphilly . Who’s  collection represented the sweet, fun, yet sassy boss lady.

As the evening drew near we were getting ready for Runway 2. We appreciated and adored the elegant collection of Prajje Oscar as models walked in luxurious creme, red gowns embellished with lace and backless draping.  Madelange showed her skills in working with one color “white”. Her designs were light and airy like snowflakes. Each piece was unique with details and layering. Our eyes were treated to a whimsy delight with the designs of Kut//Zo where art meets fashion on the runway.  Intermission came around all the press box did not let down. No press went out for a break, let alone a drink of water. To leave the show room meant you were leaving the action that was still to come. We all stood in stance, camera at hand and BOM! Music came on to the sound of congas and there comes the designs of Nasheli Juliana. She stole our hearts with her ‘Stranded’ collection. Born in Caguas, Puerto Rico Nasheli Juliana takes a political stand through visuals in her garments. Truly powerful  because as a Boricua myself this collection truly touched home. Runway 2 also included the genius designs of Jacinta Ligon, Clavon’s Wear, Freeman by Mickey and Khangle.

Prajje Oscar




Nasheli Juliana


Philly fashion Week was truly unforgettable. We will leave you with some more images of the night. See you in September Philly Fashion Week.

Freeman by Mickey




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