KidSuper | ASSEMBLY LINE | Recycling: A Runway Show


presented by KidSuper Studios
Runway Show September 11 2019 at 9pm

KidSuper’s newest collection, RECYCLING: A RUNWAY SHOW is born of the installation and is constructed solely from the fabrics amassed for the fantasyfactory.

As the industry collectively moves towards a more conscious approach of making clothes, KidSuper explores the possibility of taking it one step further. The 41 look collection was created entirely through the ASSEMBLY LINE project and made in the factory by the participating artisans. This style of creation minimized waste, trash and the carbon footprint as all was manufactured and displayed on-site. An illustration that it is possible to create new without making more, resonating with the consumer definition of genuine sustainability and contributing to the fight against climate change.

The collection of one of a kind pieces will be sold exclusively at




The CrayonBox Team

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